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    Lora is a psychic, spiritual advisor, who helps on all matters of life such as love, marriage business Etc, tells past present, and future,Lora is a third generational, psychic, and spiritual advisor, and she’s been helping and guiding people for over 30 years, and is licensed, one visit will convince you, she does not tell you things that you want to hear, but she tells you the truth, she truly cares, she brings meaning to the past solves problems of the present opens doors to the future specializing in reuniting loved ones.

    “Lora also does spiritual cleansing and is a life coach as well.”

    30 Years Of Experience With
    Psychic Readings

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    Rylee Christiansen

    she was amazing! she gave me a reading that was spot on and gave me some help and insight on my life! i recommend her to anyone wanting to get a reading done!!

    Rick Hall

    What an amazing experience! My wife and I had our palms read by Lora, and we were blown away by the reading! We highly recommend Lora.

    Marcus Aurelius

    She is the best, And she is has guided me many times in my life when i need. I'm grateful and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get a reading.

    Mark Engelhardt

    I get a reading every few years. Lora is very welcoming, intuitive, "spot on" in her assessment and non-judgmental in giving any advice. It's a safe place to go.

    Eric Sewell

    I had a tarot reading with Lora today and enjoyed it immensely. She was informative, insightful, compassionate, extremely kind and professional.

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