Tarot Card Reading

What Tarot Is, Tarot is a form of divination used to reflect and tap into intuition through an illustrative deck of cards. The images are full of palpable, resonant symbols and archetypes that can be universally applied — what shows up in the cards is personal and brings something up that is unique for each person. The age-old practice of tarot survives precisely because it stays relevant with each succeeding generation.

All you need to know to get started is that tarot is a therapeutic tool to help you self-reflect, connect with your inner self, meditate, and problem-solve. It can be like taking one long look in the mirror. The cards help you lay out the story, but it’s your job to tell it.

Are you looking for a private tarot card reading? Lora has been providing in-depth Tarot Card Readings and psychic services for individuals across the nation for nearly 30 years. Private readings allow individuals time to explore a variety of questions and topics. “I believe the future is fluid and tarot card readings can help to illuminate energetic patterns expressing at a given time.” Tarot Card readings offer alternative, spiritual points of view and psychic healing while respecting the individual’s own wisdom, freedom and power of choice in life.


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